Elected Chapter Officers

President: Sheron Bruno

Sheron Bruno is the president of the Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc. – Willie Lee Gay H-Town Chapter comprised of 63 members. She served as vice president of the chapter from 2017-2020 and as Public Relations Committee Chair since 2012. Sheron Bruno is an active genealogist with 23 years of experience researching people of African ancestry with roots that tie to North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. As a member of the Houston chapter, Sheron has played an integral role in creating a social media presence, coordinating genealogy workshops, developing community partnerships, and branding the chapter. Sheron has also participated in projects that include indexing the Freedmen’s Bureau records, researching the Sugarland 95, and a funeral program collection initiative.

Vice President: Gail Lover

Secretary: Kathleen Evans

Treasurer:  Melrita Taylor


Chapter Committees

Bylaws:  TBA

Membership:  Helen Wilcox

Programs:  Debra Blacklock-Sloan

Finance: Gail Lover

Public Relations:  April Frazier

Fundraising:  TBA

Website:  Sheron Bruno/April Frazier