Chapter Membership

Membership in the AAHGS Willie Lee Gay H-Town Chapter, Inc. is open to the general public, especially those who share a mutual interest in family history and genealogical research in general and African-American family history & genealogy in particular.

Membership Terms:

January 1 through December 31 of each calendar year

Membership Requirements:

Annual membership fees of $55 to the Willie Lee Gay H-Town Chapter will offer joint membership into the National Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. (AAHGS).


Become a member of AAHGS National and Willie Lee Gay H-Town Chapter!

  1. Download the AAHGS National & Willie Lee Gay H-Town Chapter application here.
  2. Complete the form, save it, then make an electronic payment using one of the links on the form based on your membership selection.  AFTER PAYMENT PLEASE EMAIL YOUR COMPLETED FORM TO THE Treasurer at melritataylor@gmail.com
  3. Or, you may complete, print, and mail the application along with payment to the address at the bottom of the form, or bring form and payment to the next chapter meeting.
  4. Visit our Calendar for meeting dates and times.

MAKE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT: (To pay online, select "Pay with debit or credit card")

(You are required to download and complete the form, save it, and email the form to melritataylor@gmail.com so we can match your ONLINE payment to the membership application).

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP ($20 Chapter + $35 National = $55 + Convenience Fee)  PAY HERE

INDIVIDUAL CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP ($20 Chapter only + Convenience Fee - must show proof of AAHGS National Confirmation NumberPAY HERE

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP ($25 Chapter + $40 National = $65 + Convenience Fee)  PAY HERE

FAMILY CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP ($25 Chapter only + Convenience Fee - must show proof of AAHGS National Confirmation NumberPAY HERE


Member Benefits at the National Level include:

Member Benefits at the Local H-Town Level includes:


Once you become a National AAHGS member, you are able to access the member portal on the AAHGS National page to see your profile and other information as well as to gain access to publications.  In order to access your account, you must first log in by using the email that you used on the application, then select Forgot Password.

Please allow a couple of weeks after completing your application for the National to update your account.  For steps, please click here to learn more.

As a chapter member, you also have access to the H-Town member portal where you will find recorded meetings, minutes, reports, and member resources. Once you have your National log in, you are able to log in to the member section on the chapter's webpage using the same log-in as the National page.